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frequently asked questions

How do I get information about exhibitions at The Art Center?

To stay informed is to always check out website, sign up for emails, follow us on Instagram (@artcentercc) and join the mailing list.  Of course the best way to stay informed is to become a member!

How can I exhibit at The Art Center?

The Art Center has exhibition opportunities for everyone, not just members, as well as all mediums and levels of artist.  Our only stipulation is that the art displayed must have been created by YOU. We hold both members only shows and open call shows that anyone can enter.  We hold exhibits for photography, abstract artists, ceramic artists, Pantone colors, and so much more so everyone has plenty of opportunities throughout the year.  To submit, simply click the link below for our Calls for Entry page and see what is current.  All exhibit submissions are done online.  Some exhibits are juried and some are not. 

Click here for more information about our exhibit opportunities OR click here to see our current calls for entry!

When and how much do I get paid for an art sale?

The Art Center retains 30% of sales to support the exhibits program. Commission checks for art sales are issued once a month.  Checks go in the the mail by the 10th of the month for the preceding month sales.  I.e. a sale in January will be paid by February 10.

Are there rules for what I can exhibit?

Yes Yes and YES and please read them! All guidelines can be found HERE.

The Art Center hosts a multitude of special events in it’s galleries.  This generates important income that supports Art Center education and exhibition programs.  Because of this, all art must be ‘family friendly’.  It might appear in someone’s wedding photos or baby shower photos.  The Art Center has sole discretion about what it considers ‘family friendly’ and may reject or remove art for any reason. If you are not sure about a piece, simply ask the Exhibitions Coordinator.

Why was an artwork not accepted?

There are many factors in considering what artwork is accepted for an exhibit from practical reasons to suitability for the venue’s audience. The main ones are: gallery capacity, adherence to the Art Center’s Exhibit Guidelines, for themed exhibits, does the work follow the theme. Click Here for some of the (mostly) behind the scenes operations that occur when putting an exhibit together.

What is the max size an exhibiting piece of art can be?

42 inches for our Members Gallery and 72 inches for all other exhibits.  This INCLUDES the frame.

How old do you have to be to exhibit artwork?

All of our artists must be age 18 and up.

I have acquired some artwork and would like to know the value, do you all appraise artwork or purchase art?

The answer is no to both.  We do not have the capabilities to appraise artwork, nor do we know anyone locally who does.  We also do not purchase any artwork.  All artwork is on display by the artist itself, on a temporary basis.

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