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Laguna Madre Residency for National/ International Visual Artists

Corpus Christi, TX - United States

Deadline: 2024 Application Closed


The Art Center of Corpus Christi (ACCC), in collaboration with Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi’s Center for Coastal Studies (CCS), offers an Artist in Residence Program for practicing national and international artists. The program runs for 2 weeks including a 5-day stay at the Laguna Madre Field Station (LMFS), an off-grid research station built on an island in the Laguna Madre, to create art inspired by the unique ecosystems of the Laguna Madre. For a 1-week period following the stay at LMFS, ACCC will provide the artist with dedicated time and space for place-based reflection and inquiry for creation of artworks that drive conversation about the beauty of the Laguna Madre and its conservation. Completed works will be exhibited in a solo exhibition at ACCC and TAMU-CC's Bell Library. 

2025 Application Dates to be Announced

Laguna Madre Field Station (LMFS)

LMFS is located about five miles south of the JFK Causeway, making it only accessible by boat. The facility is considered “off-grid” and utilizes solar electric and water heating, gravity shower, propane gas stove and charcoal grill for cooking, and a compostable toilet. Drinking water will be provided as water source for the station is collected, treated rainwater. Cellular service is possible but not guaranteed. Center for Coastal Studies (CCS) provides a trash pick-up service and kayaks are available for exploring the Laguna Madre. 


Selected Artist in Residence

In collaboration with Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi's Center for Coastal Studies, the Art Center of Corpus Christi has selected Jessica Monroe as the 2024 South Texas Artist in Residence, with an exhibition slated for Spring 2025

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