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The Art Center has the right to reject or refuse any work for any reason.  


  • All art exhibited must be the original creative work of the artist. No copyright infringement allowed. No Giclee's or other reproductions allowed without express permission.  No artwork is allowed that is not submitted by the artist him/herself.

  • Any work submitted for an exhibition may not have been previously exhibited in another Art Center exhibit, except for works placed in the Members Gallery.

  • All exhibit submissions must be done online prior to the exhibit.

  • Images must be submitted online open call shows.  If the show is juried, it will be juried based on the images submitted online- high resolution and quality images are imperative.

  • For exhibitions that require Art Center membership, individuals and affiliate art group members must be current on payment of dues. You will not be able to submit to member shows or use member discounts without current membership.  Nonmembers may join and pay for membership at time of entry.

  • The Art Center of Corpus Christi will not be responsible for loss or damage to any artwork. However, every precaution is taken to protect artwork at all times.

  • The renting of our facility for events is an important source of revenue for the Art Center.  Artwork may be temporarily removed, relocated or covered to accommodate events.

  • Artists will: pay any required entry/membership fees, complete and abide by all Art Center contracts, bylaws, call for entry prospectus requirements and exhibit guidelines; provide all necessary information, such as biography and artist statement to the Art Center; and comply with all deadlines.

  • Submission fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

  • Wall cards for each artwork will be prepared by the Art Center using the information provided upon submission by the artist, to include: Artist Name, Title, Medium, and Price. Information will be pulled verbatim, so ensure accuracy of all information as well as correct spelling. 

  • Once artwork details are submitted, they may not be changed (i.e. changing the price or title)

  • A charge of $2 per day per piece will be charged for storage of work not picked up by the designated pick-up time.  Artwork not picked up within two months of the pick-up date will become the property of the Art Center of Corpus Christi.

  • All artwork submitted received must be ready for hanging/display in the galleries according to the details below.


  • All art exhibited must be for sale (except for certain community exhibitions)

  • The artist retains 70% of the selling price, with the Art Center retaining a 30% commission to help sustain the exhibits program.

  • Payment to the artist will be remitted by the 10th of the month following the sale.

  • Art prices are set by the artist, the Art Center does not get involved and cannot provide advice on pricing.

  • Sold art is requested of the buyer to remain in the galleries for the duration of the exhibit.  However, certain circumstances such as out of town buyers, warrant the immediate taking of sold art.

  • The Art Center is not be responsible for the shipping of any artwork.

  • Sales tax will be collected and paid by the Art Center.                


  • Artwork must be suitable for public exhibition. The Art Center reserves the right to refuse to accept any artwork for any reason.

  • CANVASES: must be either framed OR gallery wrapped with edges painted and no visible staples

  • HANGING: All 2-dimensional works must have a hanging wire securely attached, using screw eyes or D-rings, 4” – 6” below the top of the frame

  • WIRE: The wire cannot be visible above the frame while hanging

  • FRAMES: No flimsy, plastic, damaged, overly ostentatious, or tabletop frames allowed

  • MATS: No colored mats allowed - neutrals or black only

  • SIZE: 2-Dimensional works cannot be larger than 42” in any direction for the Members Gallery and 72” in any direction for all other galleries. 

  • PLEXI / GLASS: Works must be framed using Plexiglas or acrylic; glass is only permitted over soft pastels

  • 3-Dimensional works must be stable and manageable by two people. Artists are required to assist with complicated installations. 


  • Plastic, damaged, table-top or flimsy frames

  • Saw-tooth or standalone D-ring hangers (MUST HAVE WIRE!)

  • Hot glue or any type of visible glue

  • Command strips or anything adhesive

  • Glass (except over soft pastels)

  • Tape of any kind cannot be visible or used for structural support 

  • Giclee's or prints (except for photography)

  • Colored mats

  • Artwork made from or containing animal bones, birds nests, empty eggs, etc. without prior approval, as we fully support the laws protecting endangered or regulated species.


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