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Welcome to Art Center Clay Studio, your dedicated workspace for the ceramics medium! Established with a passion for clay and a commitment to fostering creativity, our studio provides a nurturing environment where artists of all levels can explore, learn, and create.

Whether you're a seasoned ceramicist or a beginner eager to learn, The Clay Studio offers a variety of classes and workshops to suit your interests and skill level.


Looking to make The Clay Studio your artistic home?

Explore our membership options and enjoy access to our facilities, discounts on classes and workshops, and exclusive members-only events.



Joining our vibrant clay studio community with a membership not only provides exclusive access to our clay facilities but also extends the benefits of our Art Center Individual membership. 

  • Discounts on Art Center Classes: Broaden your artistic horizons with discounted rates on all classes offered by the Art Center, ranging from pottery techniques to sculpting masterclasses.

  • Exhibit Opportunity in Members Gallery: Showcase your creations in our prestigious Member's Gallery, where you can not only display but also sell your artwork, gaining recognition and exposure within our community.

  • Teaching Opportunities: If you possess the expertise, seize the chance to share your knowledge and passion as an art instructor, enriching the community while furthering your own artistic journey.

  • Discounted Submission Fees: Save on submission fees for open call shows.

  • Annual All Membership Show: Gain automatic eligibility to exhibit your work in our prestigious annual All Membership Show.

  • Updates: Receive regular email updates on upcoming exhibits, events, and other happenings within the Art Center and the Clay Studio

  • Call For Entry Notifications: Stay in the loop with exclusive access to Call For Entry notifications and opportunities to participate in curated exhibitions and competitions.

  • Clay Studio Exclusive Benefits: Enjoy specialized perks tailored to clay enthusiasts, including access to clay studio exhibitions, members-only demonstrations, and workshops focused on refining your skills.

  • Studio Supplies and Facilities: Utilize our studio supplies, glazes, and kiln use, ensuring you have everything you need to bring your clay creations to life in our state-of-the-art facilities.


If you are new to Clay, to join the Art Center Clay Studio, you'll first sign up for our 3-week Intro to Clay and attend. Upon completion of Intro to Clay, you'll be approved by the Clay Studio Tech and eligible for a Clay Membership!​​

For experienced potters, you will need to submit a portfolio with at least 5 works to and you will need to attend a single-session Studio Orientation. 


All Members will need to read and abide by the Art Center of Corpus Christi's Code of Conduct and Clay Studio Etiquette.


about the studio:


ACCESS: The Clay Studio is open and available for members during the Art Center of Corpus Christi's operating hours with some exceptions.


Normal Clay Studio hours: Closed Mon, Tues-Fri 8am–7pm, Wed 8am–8pm, Saturday 8am–4pm & Sun 11am–2pm​

  • studio sessions are for 3-4 hours at a time

  • member can only sign up for 1 session per day

  • Additional studio time opportunities may open up outside of normal hours when a designated key holder will be working on site.

STORAGE: Members will be assigned a clay storage cubbies and have access to the various works in progress shelves within the studio. 

MATERIALS: Only clay that has been purchased through the Art Center will be fired in the studio kilns. Glazes are provided to studio members; studio glazes are formulated for dipping. Commercial glazes purchased outside of the studio must be approved and fall within these parameters:​

  • Midrange: Cone 5-7

  • High fire: Cone 9-10

Ask if you are unsure about temperatures.

FIRINGS: Our studio offers bisque firings at minimum once a week, and glaze firings usually once a week, the studio also offers Raku if you are interested in partaking or just watching. As we are a community studio, all glazing rules must be followed without exception!


WHEEL ROOM: We provide seven high-quality pottery wheels, bats, and studio tools for throwing.

HAND-BUILDING ROOM: For those who prefer hand-building techniques, our dedicated hand-building room offers a tranquil space to sculpt, mold, and experiment with clay. Utilize studio slump molds and textured tools. 


available equipment:

Large Gas kiln: fires at mid-range

1 Electric kiln: fires at cone 10

7 electric wheels

Slab Roller


Variety of Glazes

CLAY STUDIO TECH: Our studio has a clay studio technician works closely with The Art Center staff in the upkeep and operations of the clay studio including of equipment, chemicals, cleanliness and kiln firings.

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