EVERY Wednesday evening
from 5:00 - 8:00 pm 

Located in the Courtyard at the Art Center!

What to expect:

Local food vendors of all kinds
Fresh produce
Other novelty vendors
Food trucks
Fresh kettle corn from Fulton Kettle

Visit their website for current market plans, specific vendors/food, weather or COVID conditions

Or better yet, follow them on Instagram! @GrowLocalFarmersMarket to stay up-to-date!


The Art Center is open during Wednesday night Farmer's Market

Come enjoy the relaxed community atmosphere on Wednesday nights by the bay! 

For more information about how the Farmer’s Market works, the vendors, who and what will be there this Wednesday night, OR if you are interested in becoming a Farmer’s Market Vendor, please go to http://growlocalstx.com/

To sell art please click here to apply: