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Interested in doing a photo shoot at the Art Center?

Come to the Art Center!  We have several versatile, beautiful spots for any type of photo shoot.

We do require a small fee/donation for our photoshoots.  As we are a small non-profit and frequent destination for photoshoots and particularly special events, these small fees help us offset the costly and extensive up-keep it takes to maintain our beautiful building so that we can continue to be a destination for many weddings, events, and photoshoots to come.

For all professional photo shoots, you must call the Rental Coordinator in advance to check availability and schedule shoot, and you must either be a photography member or pay a small fee (see below).  Only available during Art Center business hours; shoots cannot extend past closing.  Additional fees apply for photo shoots outside business hours and is at the discretion of the Rental Coordinator. 

Upon arrival for the photo shoot, please check in with the front desk or a staff person and inform them of your appointment.  On weekends, setup for events is often occurring; the photo shoot must not interfere with set up of any events or functions of the Art Center.  A changing / prep room can be arranged IF available.

One-time fee: there is a $50 fee for professional photographers who are not members, which grants complete use of the facility for the day during business hours.  It can be paid upon arrival for the shoot. Mom with an iPhone doesn't count and doesn't require a fee :)  All weddings scheduled at the Art Center include free optional photo shoot, all above rules apply.


Photography Membership:  a photographer may purchase a membership for $75 for one year, which permits unlimited, scheduled photo shoots.

Click here to get more info on membership!

Rental Coordinator

361.884.6406 x 204


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