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ben munoz: the endless endeavor


The Endless Endeavor was created over a span of roughly a year and a half by Corpus Christi native Ben Munoz.  Ben is currently residing in Dallas, TX, making things happen in the art world.  Munoz is a talented painter and print-maker, whose work is often reflective of is cultural heritage, upbringing, and current life. To learn more about Ben and what he is doing now, you can visit his website at


The majority of these panels were created right here at the Art Center through countless hours of hard work, many pizza orders, friendly helpers, and a lot of patience. They were created through relief-printmaking, a technique that requires carving material out of something (in this case, MDF wood), rolling the block with a special kind of ink, and then printing it on something. The image below displays the prints that were a result of The Endless Endeavor panels, that were in our Meadows Gallery in September 2019.  Multiple prints were made of each panel, before they were sealed (ending their printable life) and installed on the Art Center building in February of 2019.

"The six woodcuts highlight the history of my family. It begins with my grandfather coming to this country from Mexico City and ends with the birth of my daughters, while exploring the life in between.  The story is told through imagery and unique, intentional composition of different aspects of my life that play into culture, nostalgia, and specific memories. Images in the work are stacked to symbolize the idea that each generation works hard to elevate their future generations, so that they will be able to obtain and achieve things that were previously out of reach. My ceiling is my daughter's floor- and because there is always a new generation to create a better future for, the endeavor is endless."

-- Benjamin Muñoz

Dedicated to the awesome memory of Alberto Ybarra Sr.

A note from Ben:


"Thank you to the Art Center of Corpus Christi for giving me the opportunity to share this story. Thank you to all of the people who helped make this project possible. People whom without their help I would most likely be finishing this thing right now. Whether you carved, drove a steamroller or picked up a barren- thank you. Thank you Lars Roeder, Ben Sorrell, Eric Cuevas, Victoria Friesenhahn, Stefani Soltero, Ashley Tristan, John Peña, Jerry Cobarruvias, Bralio Lorenzo, Paloma Salas, Wendi Ruth Valladares, Ryan O' Malley, Clarissa Gonzales, James Allen, Ariana Soltero, Sindi Alvarado, Dianna Bluntzer, Sierra Shamblin, Erin Moses."

Ben Munoz Carving Mural 2.jpg
Ben Munoz Carving Mural 3.jpg
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