In the galleries from November 8 – December 2

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Meadows Gallery

Join us for this original exhibition featuring three local artists and their depictions of religious Saints and Icons.
Santos brings together Christian themed work by three artists from Corpus Christi, Texas; Susie Grossman, Ligia Mendizabal and Elsie Gaertner Reichenbacher.

Lynda Young Kaffie

Wish You Were Here: Moments in Time

Kucera Gallery

You won’t want to miss the beautiful work of Lynda Young Kaffie in our Kucera Gallery during the month of November.   Serene landscapes created with meticulous application of layers.  Lynda joins the distinguished list of “Coming Home” artists.

Memories on Canvas

Lockett Gallery

The exhibit features original artwork by Alzheimer’s patients in which the artist shares a vivid expression of a moment in their life. This heartfelt program shows how art plays a connecting role between family and friends in the celebration of life’s cherished memories.