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Public Art Mural Opportunity

Call for Mural Artists

It’s time to change the public art mural at The Art Center. The Art Center Mural Program provides a new artist every year the opportunity to create a highly visible public art installation at The Art Center.

Submit your concept for the West Wall of The Art Center!

Deadline to enter: midnight July 21

1.) The artist selected will create a public art mural for the West facade. It will only be up for one year, to be replaced by a new artists work.
2.) Artists are required to include the community in a portion of the process during Arts Alive! Labor Day festival.
3.) The selected artist will ALSO receive a one-person show of in the Lockett Gallery at The Art Center.

More information here

Public Art initiatives like The Art Center Mural Program unites artists and communities through a collaborative process, rooted in the traditions of mural-making, to create art that transforms public spaces and individual lives. The Art Center is inspired by the courageous work of Philadelphia artist Jane Golden who in 1984 reached out to graffiti writers in order to redirect their energies into constructive public art projects. Her vision has become the internationally acclaimed Philadelphia Mural Arts Program.

The Art Center seeks to inspire and challenge one artist each year to go beyond their comfort zone and create a large scale public art piece. Traditionally, these kinds of opportunities are singular and limited. This program overcomes those limitations by changing the art every year. More artists are involved. More artists benefit. This also guarantees that the selected artists have a full year to benefit from the exposure and use the visibility to advance their career. Furthermore, a one-person show at the conclusion of the cycle provides a coveted professional gallery exhibit. The objective is to ensure a holistic period of creative growth. There is no doubt that this program will have significant impact on the artists and the creative culture of South Texas. This is an original approach to public art and artistic development conceived by The Art Center.

Thank you Armstrong Lumber for your generous support of this program.