Exhibit Guidelines

Exhibit Guidelines

The Art Center has the right to reject or refuse any work for any reason.  

  • All entries must meet Art Center guidelines:
    • Works must be suitable for public exhibition.  The Art Center has the right to reject or refuse any work for any reason.
    • 2D works must use screw eyes and wire securely attached to the frame (4” - 6” from the top recommended)
    • NO saw tooth or stand alone D-hooks
    • No wet paint or flimsy frames
    • Non-framed canvases must be gallery wrapped & edges must be painted.
    • No visible staples on wrapped canvases
    • No colored mats (neutrals or black only)
    • NO HOT GLUE or visible glue
    • No glass for covering (Plexiglas or acrylic glazing only)
    • Glass is acceptable for soft pastels only
    • Sculptures must be stable and manageable by two people
    • 42" max sizing for 2D works in any direction for MEMBER'S GALLERY
    • 72" max sizing for 2D works in any direction for ALL OTHER EXHIBITS
  • Eligibility: Members of the Art Center, age 18 and up, may submit proposals to show.  Non-members, who petition for an exhibit, may apply if membership is included in the proposal packet. 
  • Art entered into a juried show must have been made in the last two years.
  • Art entered into a juried show cannot have been exhibited in a previous juried exhibit.
  • Exhibits are scheduled approximately one year in advance.
  • Required documentation is due 30 days before intake.
  • Completed list of works are due two weeks before intake.
  • ID tags must be attached to the back of each piece upon intake.
  • The Art Center retains 30% of all gallery sales.  Artist will receive commission check and purchaser contact information by the 10th of the following month.
  • Purchasers may choose to take home artwork at purchase or leave it until the end of the show. 
  • The Art Center will not be responsible for the shipping of any art work.
  • The Art Center is not equipped to store your artwork. 
  • The Art Center holds a single opening reception for all new exhibits. Artists are encouraged to provide refreshments in their gallery.  The date of the reception will be decided by the Art Center.
  • A late fee of $2 per piece per day will be assessed if artwork is not pickup up by specified date.
  • Disclaimer: And important source of funding for the Art Center is rental of the facility for special events. Artwork may be relocated or temporarily removed to accommodate events.



Due to lack of storage space, if you do not pick up your pieces after two months of the exhibits end, without contact, the pieces will become property of the Art Center.