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Need someone to paint a mural?

Looking for a caricature artist for an event?

Want to find a portrait artist?  for your pet?

Want private art instruction for you or your child?

We know artists with a wide variety of talents.  Call us 361.884.6406 or use the form below. 
We will find an artist(s) with the skill you seek.   NO FEE.  


Be realistic.  Only you can determine if an artist is the right match for your project.  The Art Center provides contact information only.  It is your responsibility to enter into an agreement with the artist and make all arrangements.    We strongly recommend you discuss pricing, payment terms and expectations up front and get all terms in writing. Request samples of artwork and recommendations if appropriate. The Art Center facilitates locating artists and cannot and does not guarantee your satisfaction with the art.  As such, The Art Center is not liable in any way, for any reason for business undertaken with an artist provided by through directory. 

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Thanks! Your request has been submitted. An Art Center representative will contact you the next business day. We are closed on Mondays. Feel free to call anytime: 361-884-6406.

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