How do I get information about exhibitions at The Art Center?

To stay informed watch our Facebook page, sign up for emails and join the mailing list.  Of course the best way to stay informed is to become a member

How can I show at The Art Center?

The Art Center has exhibition opportunities for everyone, not just members.

The mission of The Art Center is to nurture and promote South Texas artists.  As such the exhibitions program is designed to support living artists who live (including Winter Texans) in the region.  There is one national exhibit.  Dimension exhibit is open to artists 18 and older in the US.

There are several ways to exhibit at The Art Center; OPEN exhibitions, MEMBERS-ONLY exhibitions, CURATED exhibitions (by invitation) and the MEMBERS GALLERY.


Dimension.  Ever year The Art Center hosts a competition called Dimension.  This is a multi category exhibit that is open to artists 18 and older in the US.  This is a juried exhibit with cash awards.  Inclusion is determined by the judge.  The judge changes every year.    The artist who wins “Best of Show” is given a solo exhibit opportunity the following year.  

Themed Exhibits.  Each year we present themed exhibits open to the community.  For example in even numbered years, we host an open photography exhibition.  Past themed exhibits have been Landscapes and Abstract.


You may join The Art Center simultaneously when you submit to a members exhibit or bring in art for the Members Gallery.

Members exhibits.  Members get additional opportunities to exhibit including the annual All Members Show – everyone is guaranteed at least one piece in this show.  If you are a member of an affiliate group, you will get to show with your group once a year.  If you are not a member of an affiliate group, you will get to show in the Independents show.

Members Gallery.   Members are invited to submit 2 pieces for sale in the Members Gallery.  Change out takes place every other month.  The $8 submission fee is per item for both months, i.e. one piece costs $8 for 2 months, 2 pieces costs $16 for 2 months. When a pieces sells you will be notified and invited to replace the sold be at no additional cost.


Staff curates special exhibits.  They may be themed or solo exhibitions.  There is no timeline or methodology to the process.  The best way to be included in curated or invitational exhibits is to be an active member.  If you are an established artist who grew up or spent formative time in the Corpus Christi region but no longer live here you could be considered for the “Coming Home” series.  Inform the Exhibitions Coordinator of your interest.

When do I get paid for an art sale?

Checks for art sales are issued once a month.  You will receive payment by the 10th of the month for the preceding month sales.  ie. Your sale in January will be paid by February 10.

Do you have rules for what I can show?

Yes. Guidelines can be found HERE

The Art Center hosts a multitude of events in it’s galleries.  This generates important income that supports Art Center education and exhibition programs.  Because of this, all art must be ‘family friendly’.  It might appear in someone’s wedding photos or baby shower photos.  The Art Center has sole discretion about what it considers ‘family friendly’ and may reject or remove art for any reason. If you are not sure about a piece, simply ask the Exhibitions Coordinator.